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Cambridge Mineral Resources Plc is a junior mining exploration and development company founded in 1992. Our main focus is the Iberian Pyrite Belt in southern Spain where we have a royalty-interest, alongside our former partners Glencore, in the Masa Valverde major copper-zinc deposit near Huelva, which is now under development by a third-party. Masa Valverde is thought to be one of the largest unmined polymetallic deposits in western Europe.
We are also evaluating a number of other mining projects.

The Chairman's Blog

Chairman's blog 10th June 2019

This is our first update to shareholders since last year. The reason for this delay is that there has been no relevant news to report.

Masa Valverde – Spain

We, together with Glencore, retain a royalty interest in this exploration-stage project. We await developments on this project by the current owner, which we will announce as and when they arise.

Romerita – Spain

Following our drilling campaign in 2017 it was decided not to progress this project, given the considerable additional exploration that would be required.


The company continues to be non-operational and is financially dormant, and accounts have been prepared and filed on that basis.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Burton

10 June 2019

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