Board of Directors

Geoffrey Hall - Executive Chairman
Formerly Chief Investment Officer at Allianz Insurance Plc, Geoffrey Hall brings over 35 years of investment experience to the team. In a career focused on institutional fund management, he has managed equity portfolios for British Railways Pension Funds, HSBC Mutual Funds and Life Assurance funds amongst others. For the last 15 years he has personally managed UK portfolios investing in environmental and green issues.

Mark Slater - Chief Executive Officer
Mark Slater has over 30 years of experience in business acquisition, management and development across various commercial sectors including the logistics/transport sector. In recent years he has been involved in commercial restructuring of companies. He joined Cambridge Mineral Resources plc (“CMR”) in 2009 and has been closely involved in all aspects of the company’s interests.

Michael Burton - Managing Director
Michael Burton joined CMR in 1996 and became finance director in 2002, subsequently fulfilling roles including managing director and chairman. His experience in commerce includes finance roles with Barclays Bank, Glaxo Smith Kline, Aviva, Xerox and Santander. His experience in the mining sector includes finance roles with Arco, Shell, Heraeus and BP. He has extensive experience in corporate administration and mining project economics across various countries.

Timothy Greatrex - Non executive
Timothy Greatrex is currently a partner and director in Converto Ventures. His focus is commercial leadership and specializes in developing and mentoring early stage businesses in the technology and media sectors, covering finance, business development and organizational challenges. With 25 years working in or around the media industry he has built a reputation for growing businesses and management teams.

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