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Cambridge Mineral Resources Plc is a junior mining exploration and development company founded in 1992. Our main focus is the Iberian Pyrite Belt in southern Spain where we have a royalty-interest, alongside our former partners Glencore, in the Masa Valverde major copper-zinc deposit near Huelva, which is now under development by a third-party. Masa Valverde is thought to be one of the largest unmined polymetallic deposits in western Europe.
We are also evaluating a number of other mining projects.

CMR Update


Dear Shareholders,

New mining projects.

Given the continuing strengthening metal prices we are currently investigating for possible acquisition certain mining opportunities with near-term production potential. We will issue a further update in due course.

Masa Valverde – Spain

The project was acquired by Atalaya Mining Plc in October 2020. Atalaya (formerly Emed Mining) owns the nearby Rio Tinto copper mine and are listed on the AIM and TSX stock exchanges. CMR and Glencore retain their royalty interests in Masa Valverde. We look forward to the project being progressed.


In 2020 the company continued to be non-operational and financially dormant, and our unaudited accounts have been prepared on that basis.
We expect to announce the date for our 2021 Annual General Meeting shortly.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Burton

11 March 2021

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